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Wednesday 2 February 2011

The fearful consequence of poking the raving Tory lion

Oh what a bunfight there was in the Commons as MPs tackled the ludicrous Bill that sort of sets out sort of conditions for sort of holding referendums if at any time in the future more powers are sort of given to the EU. Yes, it's that vague and bonkers.
I was at a Foreign Policy Centre meeting and Wayne David, from Labour's front-bench foreign team, popped in for a brief respite from the madhouse.
He said the Opposition just sat there a lot of the time with a smug (my word) look on their faces and their arms folded while the real opposition launched wave after wave of attacks on the Minister for Europe, David Lidington.
As I may have mentioned before, Mr Lidington is rather a revelation. He believes in Britain having a proper role in Europe.
He said so, too, insisting that it was good for Britain and good for business and the economy that we are in the EU. To say this to the mad anti-Europeans who infest the Conservative backbenches is like denouncing Mohammed to a branch meeting of Al-Qaeda.
They attacked him, they raged at him, they tore their hair out and rent their garments. Such fun for bystanders.
This Bill breaks the fundamental rule that you should never poke hungry lions with a stick. David Cameron didn't have to poke the anti-European opposition but felt he needed to appease them with a bit of legislation.
It hasn't done that at all. It has only inflamed them. And will almost certainly land us with what Wayne David says was described to him by a long-serving Commons official as the worst piece of legislation he had ever come across - completely impossible to understand and leading inevitably to confusion and the courts.
The passage of the Bill may be fun while it lasts.  The hangover is likely to be very painful.

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