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Thursday 1 June 2017

Could the end of the world really now be nigh?

The consequences of the Trump presidency make what could happen if the UK leaves the EU pale into insignificance, One will mainly have severe consequences on the British people, the other could lead to unthinkable disaster. Donald Trump is a dangerous, dangerous man. He is clearly more than psychologically disturbed and has surrounded himself with some very nasty people. While the quality of today's politician is generally low, certainly in this country, none so scrapes the bottom of the barrel as much as Donald J. Trump. He glories in doing the wrong thing. George W. Bush was not an intelligent or educated man but he looks like Einstein compared to the current holder of the office. Of course there are some leaders worthy of the name - Angela Merkel, obviously, and Emmanuel Macron is already shaping up well as the French President. His statement after the Trump climate-denying announcement that we should "Make the planet great again" was a brilliant twist of the knife in the moronic Trump narrative. Sadly, Trump and his people don't only not care, it pumps them up in their war against the rest of the world. One White House insider is supposed to have said, when told that the decision would upset Europe, "That's another bonus." Not even the greatest Cold War warrior would have said that about the Soviet Union. Doing all you can to spit in the face of your opponents and revelling in your successes in doing that is a sign of pathetic immaturity. The big question is where this goes now. Not particularly on climate change but for the future of peace in the world. It may be that Trump's greatest legacy will be to unite the rest of the planet. Yet if that makes the president even more paranoid, the possible consequences really are unthinkable.

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