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Tuesday 9 November 2010

Dubya in black and white

The thing of which I am most proud about my final years at the Mirror were the remorseless attacks on George W. Bush.
I can usually find something redeeming about anyone but I can't when it comes to Dubya. His combination of stupidity, arrogance and power were hugely destabilising for the world and we will be paying the price for a very long time.
Tony Blair, in his ridiculous book A Journey, insists it is incontestable that Iraq is better off now than it was when Saddam ruled it. Bush makes the same claim.
They don't have to say that to keep up the pretence that invading Iraq was all for the good, despite being carried out on the lie that there were weapons of mass destruction. Even at this late stage they could be honest.
Theirs is such an ignorant view of what life in Iraq has been since Saddam was deposed. He was a brutal tyrant and responsible for huge numbers of deaths and, yes, it would be better if people like him didn't exist.
But tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have been slaughtered since the invasion, sectarian genocide continues, corruption is rife and basic services still don't work.
George W. Bush was a pathetic little monster thrown up by the dysfunctional American political system. I notice that to accompany its interview with him, The Times prints its photos in black and white.
There was no white about the Dubja Presidency, though. It was all black.

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