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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Some day the prince won't come. Hopefully.

There are some reasons for the continued existence of the monarchy and some members of The Firm who contribute something useful.
Prince Andrew is not one of them. A former colleague once told me he was the most stupid man she had ever met.
Yet he is employed as a business ambassador for this country, jetting all over the world at our expense to promote British goods and industry.
What sort of a pathetic foreign investor is going to be so impressed by Andrew that purely by meeting him he switches his plans to the UK?
Now, thanks to WikiLeaks, we have a first-hand account of how the Uncharming Prince behaves when he is representing us. Like the sort of really dumb, right-wing twit you meet over a G&T at the 19th hole.
I am never sure how useful this idea of special ambassadors is. A few are an asset - David Beckham is an obvious one. Anyone whose autograph people want to get for their children is going to impress.
Andrew is surely more of a hindrance than a help. He gives totally the wrong impression of this country.
Or maybe he doesn't. Maybe we are still like that as a nation. If that is so, then God help us.

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