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Thursday 13 January 2011

Gove bottom in league table of ministers

Has there ever been a more preposterous, out-of-touch Education Secretary than Michael Gove? And that is really saying something considering the track record of some who have held the post.
Even the heads of independent and other academically-focussed schools have said that his Baccalaureate league table is ridiculous.
Gove believes that vocational subjects - which he describes as "soft" - are worthless and that all that matters educationally are strict academic courses.
How does that fit in with what I understood to be the Government's plan for more young people to study vocational subjects? Presumably Gove thinks they should leave school to follow them. Let's lower the school leaving age to 11, then.
We have an Education Secretary who cannot understand that not all young people can cope with strict academic subjects. Just as not all of them can run a mile in under four minutes or perform other athletic feats.
As I have said before, Michael Gove is bonkers yet he has been unleashed on the education system. He is already doing appalling damage to a generation of young people - apart from the lucky minority who conform to his notion of intelligence.

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