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Sunday 2 January 2011

Two very dark knights

Can I be the only person who wants the House of Lords to continue pretty well in its current form yet would abolish the honours system?
Giving people knighthoods and other baubles is absurd. Ordinary people who achieve something remarkable can be rewarded in other ways and the rich and famous who are the main beneficiaries can luxuriate in their self-importance without having "Sir" before their name or a few letters after it.
Every honours list contains some people whose inclusion is an insult to the system but the award of knighthoods at the new year to Roger Carr and Martin Broughton is about as low as it can get.
Carr is the chairman of Centrica, owners of British Gas which is currently inflicting huge price increases on its customers while enjoying the benefits of  a huge decrease in the wholesale price of gas.
Millions of people will suffer and the elderly, poor and those with large families will be in crisis. Meanwhile Carr will be able to toss another servant on the fire in his mansion if the temperature drops.
Broughton is the chairman of British Airways, a company which has done more to damage this country's name than BP. It treats its customers with contempt. Does he not bear any of the responsibilty for that?
Apparently not, according to whoever it is awards knighthoods.
Both Carr and Broughton are said to be outstanding businessmen. The real reason they have been made Sirs, though, is the help they have given to the Conservative Party.
Wonderful system, isn't it?

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