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Friday 31 December 2010

A miserable new year to you all

Take that rictus New Year's Eve grin off your face. There is nothing to be happy about.
We are entering a year that is likely to be as bad as any encountered in our lifetimes.
Barely anyone outside the City will be unaffected as the sackings and cuts begin. Whatever your living standard is now, it will be noticeably worse on the last day of 2011.
Over the Christmas period I have heard of several people who are in the process of making up to half of their organisation's/department's staff redundant. How is that going to help the economy? Ruth Lea was exhorting everyone in The Times yesterday to go on a shopping spree. What with? These people live in la-la land.
Battle lines are being drawn. There are stirrings of action by the unions, though don't hold your breath. Any proposals for united resistance will be met by a bone-crushing campaign by the press accusing anyone who goes on strike of threatening the country and condemning the nation to penury.
Naturally no such accusations were, have been or are made against the bankers who have saddled us with £3 trillion of debt with their naked greed.
Instead we are being force into an un-cultural revolution that will undermine the fledgling edifice of a civilised society which  has been built up in Britain for much of the past century.
A Happy New Year? I really don't think so.

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