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Sunday 19 December 2010

Snow? The Government ploughs on regardless

This blog has been off air due to a number of unforeseen circumstances. First it was in mourning for the loss of its little-friend blog Iain Dale's Diary, which passed away to a better ether (mainly LBC).
Then it got snowed in, trapped in the blizzards raging in Gloucestershire. Now, finally, esconced comfortably by the fire and munching on a mince pie, it can resume. And it isn't too late, even though Christmas is so close.
The House doesn't rise for its Yuletide break until Tuesday, the 21st. How unlike the administration of the late leader, Gordon Brown, when hours at Westminster were short and vacations long. By contrast, this Government is busy, busy, busy.  So much to do, so litttle time.
Barely a day goes by without the announcement of another initiative, another part of the revolution which is changing the structure of the UK, while ministers leap swiftly into any situation which arises, as Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, has done over the snow crisis.
At this rate, you can expect to see Mr Hammond, accompanied by Messrs Cameron, Clegg and colleagues, distributing mince pies and mulled wine at Heathrow by the middle of the week.
Parliament doesn't return until January 10 but it is impossible to imagine ministers being able to contain themselves until then. There will be a series of launches. announcements and initiatives from the moment the sound of Auld Lang Syne dies down on New Year's morning.
You have been warned.

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