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Wednesday 22 December 2010

A fool and his job shouldn't be parted

What do Vince Cable, Mick Jagger and I have in common? Give up? The answer is that we are all of an age.
So I feel myself particularly qualified to explain and comment on Cable's behaviour when confronted with two (I suspect) attractive, doting and giggling young women.
It isn't a matter of there being no fool like an old fool. It is that age is no barrier to a man (well, a sizeable proportion of them) continuing to throw caution to the wind when he sees a pretty face, particularly when it appears to take an interest in him.
Everyone expects that from Jagger. Yet recently he seems to be acting with a decorum missing from his earlier years. As for me, I don't get the chance to see how I would behave.
But Vince Cable is different. He is a star. Not just politically but through his Strictly Come Dancing performances. He is widely seen as very clever and fun, a rare combination. And he has come to this adulation late in life.
He is also vain, as are most politicians. It is a dangerous combination which has bitten the Business Secretary very nastily.
Just as dangerous is this form of "journalism" which is a form of entrapment. It is usually applied by red-tops to hook celebrities. Now the Telegraph is using it against MPs.
Vince Cable was an absolute fool to say what he did about Murdoch. But, as with the loss of David Laws, this Government has too few ministers of experience and quality to ditch those who do know how to run something.

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