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Wednesday 22 February 2012

It's an ill wind for the NHS and Cameron

This blog has been delayed for the past couple of weeks due to a technical hitch.  The hitch which is delaying the health bill is hardly technical.
Just what a disaster it is proving for the government can be seen from Prime Minister's Questions. It isn't so much that Ed Miliband is doing well but that David Cameron is clearly floundering.
He flusters and blusters and flails around. He not only doesn't even attempt to answer the questions, it is the ludicrous nature of his replies that is so revealing.
Surely there must be someone around him who can suggest a better line of defence. Unless they have all come to accept there is no defence to these reforms.
There is widespread acceptance that the NHS is currently working rather well. It has its faults and problems but, on the whole, it is far more efficient than it used to be.
The inevitable conclusion the public has drawn is that the changes the Tories want to introduce will make it worse. And, of course, when you have all those health professionals saying precisely that, it can only reinforce the worst fears.
Without this bill, the Tories might just have hoped for a narrow overall majority at the next election. With it, they could well go down to defeat.
That is what a growing number of senior Conservatives dread. In which case, it won't only be Andrew Lansley who will be looking for work.

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