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Friday 24 February 2012

Where is the champion of true capitalism?

They just don't get it. Certainly David Cameron doesn't and neither do the media.
No one - apart from a few extremely eccentric extremely old-fashioned extremely left-wing comrades - thinks business is bad. Business creates job and makes money which pays wages and taxes.
But in the past half century a form of "business" has developed which only makes one thing - money for the people involved in it.
Ed Miliband appeared to want to draw the distinction when he talked in his conference speech of "predatory capitalism", The language was too difficult, he didn't explain it and quickly moved away when Cameron ridiculed him.
Now the prime minister has gone out of his way to praise capitalism without drawing attention to the differences between the innovative entrepreneur or small shopkeeper and the fatcats of the City and private equity whose only purpose is to enrich themselves.
Bonuses are a symbol of what has happened. It isn't the Left which is doing down capitalism, it is the people who claim to be its strongest supporters. The greedy few who care nothing for genuine business are the ones undermining capitalism.
Yet where is the politician who can articulate this? Not on the horizon.
Money equals power, so those who want a bit of power feel they have to bow the knee to the obscene money machine. David Cameron is in the best position to champion true capitalism. But either he is scared to or simply doesn't understand. Or both.

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