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Friday 28 April 2017

Three disasters in a day but still May walks on water

What a terrible day that was for the Government. The Foreign Secretary announced that the UK would join an attack on Syria if asked to by Donald Trump, without consulting Parliament - and then the Prime Minister refused to support him.
A judge ridiculed the attempt to avoid implementing anti-pollution laws by citing purdah before an election. And Angela Merkel could not have been blunter when spelling out the problems that will be faced by the UK's Brexit negotiators, even going as far as saying "some in Britain still have illusions" - and we know who they are.
This would be bad for any government at any time but coming at the start of a general election campaign it should be devastating. That it isn't is due to the weakness of the opposition, the fantasy picture of Theresa May many voters have and the failure of the media to properly bring together the stories which show the utter incompetence of today's Tories.
A YouGov poll in The Times yesterday showed that more people now think it is wrong to leave the EU than to stay - though this, you will recall, is supposed to be the nation which is now united behind Brexit according to the Prime Minister. No wonder the same poll also reveals a significant drop in support for the Conservatives, though they are still way ahead of Labour.
Voters are under no illusion about Jeremy Corbyn but they are about Theresa May. They have little confidence in Labour's shadow cabinet - if they know who any of them are - but still have faith in the Government, despite the buffoon Johnson and the other idiotic and incompetent Brexit fantasists.
Being in power is hard and complicated work, as even Trump now admits (as if the realisation has come as a surprise to him).  The least we can expect is that those who seek to rule us should apply themselves with intelligence and diligence.
People don't trust Corbyn and his motley crew to do that and understandably so. But the fact that so many continue to believe in Theresa May and her gang, despite so much evidence to the contrary, is very frightening.

Footnote: The report finding that the £1.2 billion spent on the special cancer fund was a scandalous waste of taxpayers' money is another triumph for David Cameron, who introduced it, and the Daily Mail, which demanded it.

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