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Monday 1 May 2017

Baldrick would be proud of this plan

So this is Theresa May's cunning plan.
She calls an election, knowing she will win with a bigger majority than she has now and possibly by a landslide.
Then she goes into negotiations with the EU about the UK's exit, realising she is going to get absolutely zilch of what she has been proclaiming she will achieve. So out she walks.
Out of the negotiations and straight out of the European Union.
This theory is predicated on the assumption that the penny has dropped for the prime minister and she grasps how impossible it will be for her to get any of the things she has been trumpeting that she will get.
Leaked reports of her Downing Street meeting last week with EU leaders which led them to the conclusion that she lived on another galaxy show the absolute absence of a meeting of minds. When the barking Brexiteers, the ignoramuses who blindly follow them and the mugwumps who run the Tory press say "We told you so", there are only two routes she could follow. One is to admit that the attempt to leave the EU is absurd and will result in devastation for the UK. This is not going to happen, even though it is the only sensible, logical course.
The other is to flounce out, insisting that the other 27 nations are unreasonable and impossible to deal with. So here we go, leaping into our own brave future alone. Over the cliff edge, brothers and sisters, let us boldly go where only lemmings have gone before!
As a plan, this is so ridiculous that it would have been rejected from a Blackadder script as being too insane. If there was any serious thinking going on in the Government, they would work out that, if it would take at least 10 years to negotiate our EU exit, the time it would take to deal with the aftermath of a walkout would be even longer. Not five minutes but to infinity and beyond. For the legal and commercial implications are as vast as the Milky Way.
The latest poll suggests Theresa May is the most popular prime minister for 40 years. It will be interesting to see what the figure is in a year, let alone five, when the consequences of what she is doing hit home.

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