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Thursday 18 May 2017

The lemmings dash blindly to May's cliff-edge

Why is no one saying what this country will be like in 2022 when the next general election is held after five years under Theresa May? Partly because the opposition is bloody hopeless and partly because all seem incapable of looking beyond June 8. The Tory manifesto sets out a series of policies which are going to hit millions - not just the elderly but their relatives. The effects of leaving the European Union will by 2022 be growing obvious, with lower living standards and reduced public services as the tax-take falls. And public services are already on a downward spiral. Anyone who thinks the NHS can survive if it continues to be treated as it is at the moment is really living in a fool's paradise. The government won't listen to the people who know how serious things are - those who work in the health service. Just as they won't listen to the teachers and police who know what is happening to schools and law and order. At least Michael Fallow was honest when he admitted on Newsnight that curbing immigration would have a cost to this country and that the government hadn't a clue how great that cost would be. But that doesn't stop the Tories and the Ukip idiots lunging recklessly down the path of keeping out immigrants. The one thing all parties agree on is that this is the most important election of modern times. But none of them seem to understand why it is so important. It genuinely is about the future of the United Kingdom yet there is no real debate about the real issues and the real consequences of where we are heading. The cliff-edge lies ahead and the lemmings are blindly, madly rushing towards it.

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