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Tuesday 9 May 2017

Roll on Jexit

Of all the reasons not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, none better demonstrates his lack of understudying of what this country faces than his insistence that there must be no challenge to the drive to get the UK out of the EU. He has never asked questions about the result of the referendum despite the obvious use of fraud and lies to achieve it. Even more critically, there is ever-growing evidence that it is going to be a catastrophe for this country and its people. He has said nothing about the sharply rising inflation caused by the steep fall in the value of sterling which was a direct consequence of the referendum result. He blindly accepts the bizarre view that Brexit will bring all sorts of opportunities when there is no evidence of that - on the contrary, informed opinion is that it will do the opposite. He never warns that the inevitable economic slump which will come is going to badly hit public finances, leading to public services suffering. Much as Labour’s leader despises the banks, you might think he would at least be concerned that thousands of City jobs will move out of the UK. London’s loss will be a gain for Frankfurt, Dublin and Paris. Corbyn’s reaction to Emmanuel Macron’s presidential victory was no more than a surly welcome of le Pen’s defeat, with no mention of the man who thrashed her. He has failed to comment on the new French president’s statement that Brexit means “…submission to the US. What is going to happen is not ‘taking back control’, it is servitude.’ Loopy anti-Europeans have always dismissed such statements as coming from people who don’t know what they are talking about, even when they are national leaders or major businessmen. Knowledge and experience count for nothing compared to swivel-eyed hatred of the EU and the unwavering belief that Britain can be great again standing alone against the world. What an opportunity there is for the leader of the opposition to make an intelligent, passionate case for doing something positive with the terrible situation the nation has been plunged into. But that is outside Corbyn’s comfort zone which doesn’t stretch beyond a small group of adoring, naive lefties. His grasp of real life is tenuous. He has never really believed in the EU, pigeon-holing it as a capitalist conspiracy. So he plunges into this election pretty well supporting Theresa May on the single biggest issue. Which makes complete nonsense of her claim that she only called it because there was division and undermining of her position on Brexit at Westminster. What frauds they both are.

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