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Sunday 28 August 2011

BBC sadly misleads on Iraqi prisoner abuse

It's disgraceful how the BBC is reporting the results of the inquiry into abuse of prisoners in Iraq.
Their top line is that the British Army has been cleared of systematic abuse. Of course it has been. Not only would no inquiry (particularly one by a judge) find otherwise, there was never an accusation that the entire British Army was abusing Iraqis.
The charge, made by the Daily Mirror and leading to the sacking of its editor, was that there was systematic abuse by members of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment which led to the death of the innocent hotel receptionist Basa Moosah, who suffered 93 wounds as he was beaten to death.
The report appears to condemn various individual soldiers, attacks the QLR's chain of command and criticises the whitewash of the earlier inquiry.
The point made by the Mirror at the time (and I should know, as I wrote the leaders) was that the brutal actions of a few members of the British forces not only tarnished the reputation of the entire army but put the rest of them in additional danger from those who wanted to strike back for the abuse that was going on and which was widely known in Iraq.
The BBC rarely manages to perform well at weekends - all the main executives and journalists are off - but even by their usual imploding standards, this is poor and misleading.

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