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Friday 19 August 2011

The cry must go up: Call for Charles!

This country is close to disaster. Financial collapse looms, social unrest threatens to overwhelm towns and cities. And the people who are supposed to be steering us out of this mess and running the nation are patently unfit for the job.
If it were only that the current crop of politicians was inadequate, that would be bad enough. But it's worse than that. You can't see another generation waiting in line to take over. There is going to be more of the same for as far ahead as you can see, until the nation is overwhelmed with cataclysm.
What is the solution? Here is a suggestion. Let's get rid of the politicians and put Prince Charles in charge.
Iknow, I know. Totally undemocratic, dictatorship by hereditary monarchy, ridiculous antiquated system. But drastic times call for drastiuc measures and it may just be that Charles has the qualities which are needed and which our elected politicians, propelled through a corrupt political system, clearly don't.
One of the troubles with Cameron, Clegg and even Miliband as well as most of the rest of them is that they came through elite educational, social and political structures. They can't understand or empathise not just with ordinary people but with the reality of their existence.
Charles, of course, has come through an even more elitist system. The most elite of all. He is a man who has never had to put his own toothpaste on a brush, it will be said.
Bizarrely, though, he appears to understand more about tackling the problems - and what the real problems are - than the politicians with all their door-knocking, weekly-surgery experience.
His performance when he visited victims of the riots was wonderful. He looked as if he meant it, whereas the politicians didn't, and he talked sense.
His strength is that he has never had to compromise by appealing to a fickle electorate or a rabid press. He has met and talked to thousands of people, especially young people, who tell him what they really think, not what they think he wants to hear to get re-elected.
Certainly he has some eccentric views but no more off-the-wall than much of the stuff spouted by the politicians.
Let the cry go out: Send for Charles! His country needs him.

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