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Friday 26 August 2011

Human rights for everyone but us

Among the utter stupidities spouted by the Tories before the election and subsequently whenever things looked black for them was a pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act.
So who is against human rights? Dictators around the world and the British Right, apparently - the Tories and the Mail, Express and Sun.
Nick Clegg in The Guardian today promises to resist Conservative plans to relegate the UK to a shameful pariah state at the same time when there is such a remarkable movement around the globe to introduce human rights for people who have been denied them for generations.
David Cameron's idea of replacing the Act with a British Bill of Rights is a pathetic ruse. His MPs don't like the European Court of Human Rights (but then, they don't like anything European) because they don't approve of some of it's judgments. But they won't like some of the judgments of our Supreme Court and a many of us don't approve of some things Parliament does.
Once again we witness thestupidity, prejudice and reactionary heart of Cameron's Conservatives. As we did yesterday with their nonsense over immigration.
With the double dip rapidly approaching, it is terrifying to contemplate what they will come up with in an attempt to distract the electorate from their failings and incompetence.

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