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Friday 12 August 2011

Two wrongs and one is from the Right

There used to be a time when you could expect the Left to come up with Pavlovian responses to any crisis, particularly riots or other forms of civil breakdown. Today it is the Right that holds that ignominious position.
Their reprsentatives have been trotted out on television, radio and in the papers to spout the most extraordinary nonsense.
For a start, there is almost nobody apart from some of the rioters themselves who justifies what has happened. Yet the Right never stop screeching that the Left, liberals and their fellow-travellers are making excuses for the looters and attempting to justify what they did. Simply not true.
They then go on to name the people they blame. The last Labour government, obviously. Schools, brought down by comprehensive education, something the Eton-educated Cabinet knows a lot about. The BBC - yes, the BBC! The Guardian (naturally). But most of all woolly liberal thinking and being soft on young people who grow up with no direction from their parents and no prospect of ever achieving anything in life unless it is through selling drugs.
This country is in a terrible state and the riots, looting, arson attacks, vandalism, destruction and violence are symbols of that. If you have a job and a home, you are OK - though for most people their standard of living has fallen and will go on falling. If you are a banker or run a major company, you are untouchable, as are your huge salary, massive bonus and grotesque pension pot.
However, if you are on the outside of this section of society, you are going to have a sad, desperate life. Which isn't an excuse for what went on but needs to be understood by policy makers.
It is clear from his performance in the past year that Cameron doesn't have it and nor do any of his close associates, Conservative and Liberal Democrat. And Labour isn't showing much sign of being any better.
If you think it's bad now, just wait for the double dip, which is coming up fast. The end may not be nigh, but it's out there somewhere.

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